Monday, November 20, 2017

Website Forensics

Knowing who has visited your website can be a very key sales tool. Especially if they did not leave a comment, enquire about something or more importantly purchase anything on your website.

With web conversion forensics you will be able to see these visitors, tracking their navigation into and around your website, and then you can print off a weekly report sheet, view their IP address and more.

Do not feel alarmed, businesses with their own IP addresses can be traced not general members of the public and this process is completely legal, because all the required information about company servers and where they are registered is freely available online.

As a business owner, once you can see who has clicked into your site you can then contact them by linking the viewers IP address to a telephone number and contact address, allowing you to then contact them and advertise your products and services, with the knowledge that they have shown interest before by visiting your website.

Consequently, making money and having an extra customer on your list.

This process allows website owners to maximize the value of every visitor to their site regardless of the visitors action. This can often multiply a website’s conversion rate, many fold.


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